FREE Coffee at your new Gulf in the North East, plus all this!

In addition to general terms and conditions, published here: conditions apply to the additional local offers available at Certas Energy operated sites.

Earning 1p Tokens

Members can start earning 1p Tokens through the purchase of Petrol, Diesel, Endurance Petrol and Endurance Diesel. 

Members must present their Programme card or app when making eligible purchases in order to earn tokens on that purchase.

Subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions that relate to the closure of Loyalty Accounts and/or the Programme, 1p Tokens are valid for redemption for a period of twenty-four (24) months from their award date, after which they will expire and may be removed from the Loyalty Account by Certas Energy without further notice. As from 17/05/21, 60 tokens will the maximum number of tokens earned in a single transaction.

Certas Energy reserves the right to withdraw the offer.  In the event that the 1p token promotion is withdrawn, members will be given 28 days notice and any existing 1p tokens will be converted to equivalent spend and must be redeemed within the specified date.

Bunker Fuel cards are excluded from earning 1p tokens.

1p Token member balances will be displayed on till receipts.   

Redeeming 1p Tokens

In order to redeem tokens, Members must accrue 500 tokens.  When 500 tokens are accrued, on your next purchase, within any participating Certas Energy owned site, you will automatically receive a £5 discount when you purchase goods from the store.  You must spend over £5 to trigger the discount when this threshold is reached.  Tokens can not be redeemed against tobacco, paypoint/payzone/epay, lottery , giftcards and fuel and purchases of these items will not be counted towards the minimum £5 in store spend threshold.

2p Off Endurace

Members will receive 2p off for every litre of Endurance fuels purchased.  Members must present their Programme card or app when making eligible purchases in order to earn discount on that purchase.


Will the £5 off in store be deducted automatically?

Yes, once you reach the 500 token threshold, your bill will be reduced by £5 when you spend minimum £5 instore (with the above exclusions) in a single transaction.

Can I redeem my offers straight away?

Once you have reached the appropriate thresholds for all offers you can redeem however you must be registered at or have the app downloaded. You can start collecting credits and tokens, however you must be registered before you can redeem the offers.