Terms & Conditions

Defined Terms

Oomph Fuel Rewards (“The Loyalty Programme”) is operated by Certas Energy UK Limited, 302 Bridgewater Place, Birchwood Park, Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 6XG (company number 4168225) at participating Gulf Retail locations throughout the UK. Under the Loyalty Programme, you may collect points on your Oomph Fuel Rewards Card (which term shall include any Card / Fob, mobile app or additional item linked to the Loyalty Programme that may be issued to you or made available to you by Certas Energy). You can start collecting points immediately upon receiving your Card, by registering your details via www.OomphFuelRewards.co.uk or the mobile app or completing the hard copy application form (available from Retailers, as defined below). Customer Service can be contacted on 0345 601 8495 if you have any issues or queries. Usage of the Oomph Fuel Reward Card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions. “

“Eligible Products” means those products listed on the Website from time to time which, when purchased, will earn Points for a Member.  “Loyalty Account” means the account set up by a Member at the time of, or prior to, registration under the Programme, which account shall be used to record the Points earned and redeemed by a Member;  “Loyalty Programme” means the Oomph Fuel Rewards loyalty programme owned by Certas Energy and operated on its behalf by Azpiral; “Member” means any customer of any Retailer who has, in the opinion of Certas Energy UK Ltd, registered as a member of the Programme; “Mobile App” means an application owned by Certas Energy and developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices in connection with the operation and administration of the Programme; “Points” mean the Points which are earned by and awarded to Members through their participation in the Programme; “Retailer” means any Gulf Retail forecourt participating in the Programme; and “Website” means the website operated by Certas Energy for the purpose of the Loyalty Scheme at www.OomphFuelRewards.co.uk

Operation of the Programme

The Programme is a loyalty programme run on behalf of Retailers under which Members of the Programme can earn Points in return for the purchase of Eligible Products through any Retailer network and can then exchange such Points to enter the Monthly Prize Draw as listed in and available through the Website, or to donate to the nominated local charity as specified by the Member’s home store. The Programme will be administered by Lorgan Technologies Limited (“Azpiral”) on behalf of Certas Energy.   In order to earn Points, participants must have a Loyalty Account and then purchase Eligible Products from a Retailer. All Members must reside within the United Kingdom and must be at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of the application to join the Programme. Certas Energy will make the Website and Mobile App available to Members solely for the purposes of the Programme. Use of the Website and Mobile App is permitted at the discretion of Certas Energy. Certas Energy reserves the right to revoke the login credentials of any Member at any time at its sole discretion. Participation in the Programme is personal to each Member. Each Member is responsible for the proper use and security of their Oomph Fuel Rewards Card and of all access to the Website, Mobile App and Points that are linked to each Member’s Loyalty Account.

Members are not permitted to share or transfer their Points without the express permission of Certas Energy. In circumstances where a Member opts to allow Authorised Users participate on their behalf, such a Member shall be solely responsible for the actions of such Authorised Users. Certas Energy shall not be responsible for use of the website or Mobile App in a manner which would contravene these Terms or for any incorrect or mistaken use of the Website or Mobile App by an Authorised User. Certas Energy staff members and Retailer staff members are excluded from participating in the Programme. Eligibility to participate in the Programme shall be determined at the sole discretion of Certas Energy.

Certas Energy may immediately suspend or terminate the rights of any Member and/or close a Loyalty Account at any time for any reason at its absolute discretion, including, but not limited to any case where: (a) these terms and conditions are breached by a Member; (b) Certas Energy reasonably believes that a Member has acted in a manner not permitted under the Programme or by these terms and conditions; (c) a Member engages in (or Certas Energy or any Retailer reasonably suspects it/him/her of engaging in) any theft from or misconduct in connection with Certas Energy or any of its Retailers; (d) a Member supplies false or misleading information to Certas Energy or Certas Energy discovers that a Member is not eligible to participate in the Programme; or (e) a Member or Authorised User is abusive or offensive to any member of staff of Certas Energy or any Retailer. A Member can close a Loyalty Account at any time by notifying Certas Energy in writing. Certas Energy may cancel, suspend, replace or close the Loyalty Programme at any time, but it will endeavour to give Members reasonable notice of such changes. If a Loyalty Account is closed for any reason, all rights to redeem the Points in that Loyalty Account shall be forfeited and all unspent or unredeemed Points shall be rendered invalid.  Points earned have a monetary value of .0000000001p per Point.

Earning Points

Members can start earning Points through the purchase of Eligible Products in participating Retailers immediately upon registering a Loyalty Account. It may take up to two weeks for Points to be added to a Member’s Loyalty Account in respect of each purchase of Eligible Products.

Redeeming Points

Monthly Prize Draws

Donating Points to Local Charity


Data Protection