Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gulf’s Oomph Loyalty Fuel Rewards?

What is the Monthly Prize Haul?

How does the local Charity Donation work?


How do I join Oomph Fuel Rewards?

In store: Pick up an application form and Oomph Card in store, fill in your details on the application form and hand it to a Gulf staff member.

Website: Pick up an application form and the attached Oomph Card in-store & log onto and register your details.

Download the “Gulf Oomph” Rewards mobile app via your app store and enter your details.

Can I collect an application form in any Gulf outlet?

You can collect an application form in any participating Gulf station.

How do I register using the app?

Go to your app store, download the “Gulf Oomph” app and follow the instructions on the screen to the “Gulf Oomph” icon. Follow the instructions on screen to register your details. Please note, should you wish to change any of your contact details after registration, you will have to do so at

What do I need in order to take part in Oomph Monthly Prize Haul or Charity donations?

Oomph members will need to have registered and have access to a desktop or mobile phone, and internet access in order to take part. This is also so that we can keep you up to date with your points balance when you reach the points threshold.

Can I join Oomph Fuel Rewards if I am a Fuel Card customer?

Yes, fuel card customers are more than welcome to join. Oomph Fuel Rewards is open to all Gulf customers however Bunker Card users are excluded.

Can I activate /register my Oomph Card without making a purchase?

Yes, customers can register their Oomph Card online or via the mobile App, which will automatically activate the Oomph Card then simply swipe with your next purchase and the allocated points will be loaded onto your account.

Can I have more than one Oomph reward card on one account?

Yes, you can link up to 2 cards in the one account. That means, collectively you can save points and have more entries to the Monthly Prize Haul or donate to your local charity.

Can I collect points for my purchase even if I haven’t registered?

Yes, you can use your Oomph Card to collect points on transactions prior to registration, however, you have to register your card in order to participate in the Monthly Prize Haul or charity votes.

Can I sign-up online and get a Oomph card sent out to me?

Yes, you can request an Oomph card online and we will pop one in the post for you. Just bear in mind that can take up to two weeks to get to you.

Can I use the same email address that I share with someone who has already registered the address?

Unfortunately not, Oomph Fuel Rewards requires a unique email addresses for every account.

What do you do with my Data?

We will never give your personal details to anyone outside of Certas Energy UK Ltd without your consent. We will analyse your purchase history in our stores to provide you with relevant and personalised offers, information and advice, in helping you choose products that are right for you. To view our Privacy Policy, please see

Collecting Points

How do I collect points?

Once you have picked up an Oomph Card in-store or registered on the App, you can immediately start collecting points.

What happens if I forget to bring my Oomph Card with me?

Simply ask the cashier for a receipt, scan your receipt and send along with your Oomph membership details to We can then add your points to your account.  Please note that this process can take up to two weeks to be added to your account.

How many points do I get when I purchase?

You will receive 1 point for every litre of Gulf unleaded/diesel; 2 points for every litre of Endurance Super Premium fuels; and 20 points for any Gulf branded lubricants.

Do I get Bonus Points for registering?

You’ll get 100 points loaded onto your Oomph Card when you have successfully registered.

How can I check how many points I have?

It’s easy – to check your points balance simply log onto your personal Oomph Fuel Rewards account at or check your app. Your points will also be available on your receipt when swipe your oomph card.

Do my points Expire?

Your points will only expire if your Oomph card is inactive for more than 24 months.

Participating in the Monthly Prize Haul / Charity

How do I play?

Once you have 100 points saved up, then you can play for the chance to win a fantastic monthly prize. The more points you collect the better your chances of winning. Each batch of 100 points, gets you 1 entry, so 200 points will allow you to play twice. One vote for your local charity is 20 points and you can also vote multiple times to give the charity a better chance of winning.

When can I play the Monthly Prize Haul?

You can play your points once you have reached a minimum of 100 points. It is up to you when you decide to play by going onto or via the app.

How will you contact me?

We contact you based on your communication preferences. You can opt in to receive email or SMS (Free) notifications. We will automatically send you personalised app notifications if you have downloaded our app.

Does it cost anything to participate in Oomph Fuel Rewards?

There are no hidden charges with Oomph Fuel Rewards. It is free to join and all texts to and from Oomph Fuel Rewards are free.

How do I know if I’m a winner?

Within the 1st week of the following month, we’ll let you know by email or a phone call.  Winners details are available on the winners page.


Who do I contact if I have any additional queries?

Please feel free to call our Customer Care line 0345 601 8495 or email